Top 10 Travel Essentials

moon It was a full moon out. Gorgeous and in awe of nature. Our days were spent walking from 7am until 5pm on our 800 km trek in Palawan, Philippines. Every day, locals would approach us, wondering where we’d been. Our backpacks, the sign of an adventurer, gave us away. And villages were small enough for people to know, we weren’t from around here.

Each day, a local would take us in and host us for the night and then send us on our merry way by morning. You couldn’t get this kind of treatment in the city, but in the province, people were friendlier. They didn’t have to rush in city time. Things were slower in the province. People had time to stop and talk to eachother.

That night was no different. We had just stopped at a beach town and a fisherman took us in.

“Be aware of your surroundings,” Joemar told me. “Just be careful.” It was the first time he had mentioned caution in our surroundings for the past week we had walked together. I was getting nervous. Was this the night I’d face a serial killer?

The thought briefly entertained my mind. After all, we were in the middle of nowhere, and unlike the other locals who had taken us in, he lived alone… Blood was on my mind and then it happened… That familiar, uncomfortable feeling in my pants. The blood of red flow.

My friend had known I was on my period before I knew I was about to start, and tried to warn me. I was completely unprepared.

* * *

Traveling essentials for women are naturally different than men. Because I’m actually gearing to travel very soon (as in, less than a week from now), I’ve got to get my packing check list together, and I can’t forget my lady necessities this time!

Here’s a list of my top 10 travel ‘essentials’ that I can’t forget to pack:

1. A jumprope: I’m cleaning out my room before I leave and just found a jump rope. I’ve decided I want to pack this for a good, lightweight exercise tool perfect for the location independent traveler, and gym on the go. Jump roping is one of those underrated exercises that is really good for you, and it’s important for me to stay fit.

2. Virgin coconut oil: This stuff is the best for everything! It’s amazing. Coconut is a superfood so it’s really healthy for you. For cooking, for green smoothies, for your coffee, for your hair, for your skin and yes, even for lube. And that’s what i’m talking about. Its antifungal, antibacterial properties make it gentle on your skin and genitals (giggle).

3. Condoms. Regular and XL (you know, just to cover all our bases). In all likelihood, I’ll probably just buy this in SE Asia (well, except for XL, that might be harder to find. So damn, I need to buy these soon.), but as a female single traveler, it’s not a bad idea to carry around birth control and STD prevention. Safe sex or no sex! I’ll take the former, please.

4. Vibrator. Specifically my purple vibrator because it’s the only one I can find right now… It’s my first vibrator and the most reliable. My Hitachi magic wand has yet to show itself, and somewhere around here I also have Hello Kitty. To be honest, I’ve never traveled with my vibrator(s) before, but I’ve decided I want to treat myself, and I’m expecting alone time in Thailand.

5. My laptop. AKA my lifeline (along with wifi, that is). I work online and that’s how I make my monies. It’s got everything I need to read Kindle books so I don’t have to bring physical books. And it has workout videos and everything else for on-to-go exercise. I love my 13″ Retina Macbook Pro.

6. External harddrive. I use this to store all my important work files, and music, and ebooks, and all those things that I also couldn’t live without.

7. Flip-flops and Vibrams. This is the only form of footwear that I ever need. I just bought my first pair of Vibram five fingers for minimalist ‘barefoot’ running and I love it! It’s the most comfortable shoe (or un-shoe) I’ve ever had, and flip-flops are essential for SE Asia, where I’ll be floating around.

8. Clothing. Shorts and t-shirts. Pants, yoga pants, workout pants, sports bras, leggings, push-up bra, panties, g-strings. G-strings are great for those tight leggings so you don’t have pantylines. And they’re so uncomfortable, like a perpetual wedgie, that I just want to get more comfortable wearing them. I’ve been making the effort since I always hated wearing them before, but it secretly makes me feel sexy (as does a good push-up bra). I don’t care if no one sees it, but wearing awesome underwear is the best instant confidence boost!

9. Toothpaste & toothbrush & feminine product. This is about the only ‘essential’ I have when it comes to hygiene and toiletries. I use feminine napkins, not tampons, because I grew up using them, even though I know that tampons are the popular choice in North America. You can only order tampons over-the-counter at the pharmacy in the Philippines. I’d rather not bother… But if I was really put together, I’d really rather use the Diva cup, which is a reusable earth-friendly solution, perfect for swimming and active lifestyle too. Hand sanitizer, tissue, hand wipes, make-up… those are extra bonuses that you really don’t need. I’m fine sporting au naturale. And I don’t care what you think, I don’t wear deodorant either.

10. Camera. It’s important for me to be able to take pictures so I have memories of the places that I’ve been. It’s also great for uploading on Facebook so people can get updates, and posting on my blog for travel-inspired writing. My camera also doubles as a video camera so it’s perfect for future youtube videos. Watch out, world!

Those are my travel essentials. And as far as essentials for travel destination, sun, nature and beach are my requirement. No, I don’t have a swimsuit, but I’ll buy one when I land SE Asia!

What are your travel essentials for your chosen travel destination(s)?

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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Twerking to Thailand

coop I used to think I’d want to live in a paradise from home. Why retreat to vacation when you can make vacation your every day reality? Now, I’m not so sure. There’s a magic in the retreat that gets lost when you’re living it every day. There’s a romanticism to living in the woods, in the Walden-esque cabin. And there’s a romanticism in living in a guerrilla-invested jungle with the element of danger (whether real or imagined) in a beautiful, self-sustainable nature cooperative. It was paradise and it was my next move.

But I’m a gypsy soul and I was born for leaving. My inner rhythm twirled me around and the next thing I know, I’m twerking my way to Thailand (ok, not really, but I had to poke fun at the latest pop culture that passes for “news” these days, and it makes me giggle a bit to think about “twerking to Thailand”, kind of catchy, no?).

I’ve lived in strange places.

I’ve lived in small towns. I’ve lived in monasteries. I’ve lived in paradise, and ultimately, it’s not for me. I’ve gotta keep moving…

monastic For 4 months, I slept in hardwood beds with no padding. Woke up at 6am for 6:30am morning chants in robes and practiced a simulated monk life in a monastery. I was on a spiritual retreat (there’s that word again) and I realized that renouncing and living in sanctuary wasn’t the life for me. I’m too impure and I’m proud of it. When the International Youth Buddhist conference happened in Taiwan and they gave all the recipients $300, I used part of that money to buy a box of condoms (I’m pretty sure the packaging had a Geisha-esque design) because I knew I was ready for some sexytime after two years of innerwork, “self-love” and celibacy. It was time to get it on.

Sanctuaries and paradise are great retreats, but not someplace to live in permanently. I realized that my Buddhist middle way required movement and interaction with people from all walks of life, and not just people that “get it” or are “enlightened” or have some heightened sense of self-awareness. Intentional community is great, but not when you seclude yourself to the multifaceted world. That’s the real learning. That’s the real meditation. When you can ‘retreat’ in a bustling, urban metropolis, amongst the chaos of congested traffic and really ‘bring home the Dharma’ from wherever you are, not just some mountain monastery while on retreat, but in the everyday living.

I realized that I’m an escape artist, and I’m proud of it.

I move through life on my own terms.

I escaped a house and mortgage I no longer wanted and left my ex to deal with foreclosure. I escaped relationship after relationship when it had run its course and no longer felt it served me. I left at exactly the right times, enough to get what I wanted, learn my “lessons” and move on to the next thing.

Some people may see it as running away. Abandonment. Selfish. Irresponsible.

I see it as part of my being and who I am. A gypsy, a wanderlust, a bohemian soul. My own inner rhythm and taking control.

When I escape, I run towards my self and go deeper into the innerwork when the external starts to feel like “extra”.

Twerking my Way to Thailand

I run, shimmy and dance towards a new adventure, and explore the world with newness.

In true digital nomad and location independent fashion, I’m moving to Thailand.

“Moving” is loose terms for a wanderlust soul. It involves minimal packing and no set plans, but the intention to work and live for as long as I’d like to. It could be 2 months. It could be a year. Because my “year” in the Philippines stretched out for three.

I’ve been back in Portland-ish (suburbs) for nearly 3 months and felt the energy buzz of unconferencing World Domination Summit. I thought I’d stay in Portland but Portland will always be here and there’s a world I’ve got to explore.

Thailand is the mecca of location independent entrepreneurs, and Bangkok is host to the Dynamite Circle “DCBKK” conference. Really, I could care less about the actual conference, but I just like being around the people. From that afterglow, I’ll move to Chiang Mai where the cool kids go. I’ve got no set plans but a network of connections. That’s all you really need.

Still, I’m scared shitless.

This is a new chapter. This is a new situation where I constantly challenge myself to sink or swim.

Do I have enough income stream to “make it”? I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I could pull it off. But I’ve invested in a transformation coach and the monthly payments add an element of challenge…

I’ve got this. I do.

I made 2013 my year for transformation, and I wasn’t messing around. Everything about this year has been 100% transformative and I’m transforming like a mofo, in all aspects of life.

Thailand will show me how to balance work and play and take my business to new levels. I’m running towards my dreams with greater fervor. I’m reaching the crescendo. I’m riding the rhythm with careful grace notes in the in-between. I’m filling up the gaps and flourishing with flair.

30 day challenge I’m scared shitless, yes. But the scary bits don’t feel so intimidating anymore when you’ve lived through the uncomfortable already, time and time again. Life happens at the end of your comfort zone. And that’s where I thrive. I live for the uncomfortable. I get off on it.

And I dance, and I explore, and I twerk my way to Thailand… If I could live anywhere in the world, I guess that’s where I’ll be… for now.

If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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Your Small Army

I’ve got this mailing list, and I “entice” people to sign up by offering a freebie: My Chakra Sales Funnel (do you have it yet?)! Having a small army of people that get you and love you is one way to cultivate your business, if not the best way. They always say, “the money is in the list”, and it’s true. If you have an offer, the more people in your list to see it, the more likely you will get people to buy it. It only makes sense, right?

My mailing list is a small army. And since army is a weird word, it’s a small ARMY of LOVE. So small that there’s only 143 people on my list…. 143… I love you, man!

Your small army of LOVE can extend into the people who support you not only as clients and customers, but as employees! Yes, being a solopreneur is great, but I have high hopes of branching out and building my team.

I’ve got “JFlo Studios” and it’s perfect for a virtual agency business model, wherein I hire and collaborate/contract with copywriters, and other designers to help keep the world going round.

I struggle with this one a lot though. Do I really want a team or do I want to keep it small? And how can I keep it small and still have a team to support me?

As much as people say it’s all about scaling your business so it can work for you without YOU being there, I actually do love client work. And I love doing the work I do. How can I compromise and ‘scale’ my business when I enjoy actually doing the work?

On some days, I want to get away from the time=money model. I really do. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s good to rely SOLEY on client work for my income, and I would love to diversify this. But for now, I’m enjoying the process and I enjoy working with clients!

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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I’m Crushable & I’m Crushing It

janetI meet people on the internet in person a lot. I’ve been doing that since I was 12 years old when it was considered taboo. I remember going to Disneyland on a high school orchestra trip (orch dork, represent) and trying to meet up with a guy I met on AOL way back when we were 13. The school found out and sat me down like I had done something wrong. They wanted to make sure he wasn’t a psycho killer and forbade me to meet him. I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I knew he wasn’t a psycho killer, but that sucked. Eventually we met in my transition from highschool to college and he bought me a purple vibrator I still use (sometimes). A great ‘coming of age’ parting gift…

I’ve never used straight up dating sites but I was on Make Out Club once, which is kind of hilarious. It’s “NOT a dating site” but ya know, everyone used it that way. It was the kind of phase when you’d bond over music tastes and think that means you’re perfect together. Remember when that shit mattered? It really doesn’t. But if you want to make a good mix tape, you better like someone who’s into the same music. I made a mix tape (CD) once and sketched an erotic picture of me+him for the CD cover. That’s kind of love, right? When High Fidelity was cool and my CD collection was relevant…

I used Make Out Club for NCMOs. My mormon friend told me that stands for Non-Commital Make Outs. That’s what mormons did to get down and dirty. I was down with that. I was too virginal to use it for much of anything else… Until I got into a long-term relationship straight up from Make Out Club. My ex had met his 1st girlfriend on Make Out Club too but he secretly found me more attractive. When I dumped him, he went back on Make Out Club. Third time’s the charm, I guess?

Crazy times.

The whole point of this ramble is to say that I’ve always been “crushable” online. A reader and real life friend (due to the fact that I meet people on the internet) told me this. At first I thought he meant that I “crush it”. That I can build a career around my passions and I think I do that too. I’m totally crushing it right now! Cute, silly, naive lil me realized after a few seconds to let it register, that he meant it’s not hard for people to notice me and “crush” on me online. It’s always been like that, even before I had a blog platform. I guess it’s how I radiate in my own unique way. When you ooze personality (and I clearly do, online), you’ve got a Unique Selling Proposition.

Unique Selling Proposition is kind of like dating. Because you have to sell yourself, in a way. For a job. For a date. For a Make Out Club profile. For any interaction that you have with other people. That’s why SEX SELLS. Because everything goes back to attraction. In that primal sense. In that literal sense. It’s really that simple.

When I say I’m taking “sexual liberation coaching”, it means I’m figuring out how to stand in my power. My sexual power. My spiritual power. My feminine power. And it’s all interrelated. Money, love, sex, abundance, and somewhere along the line, your unique selling proposition too.

Joy, of Facets of Joy, gave me some clarity on this that I never thought about before. I’m just now starting to see the connections.

“The way we receive love into our life is the way we receive money into our life; the way we view money and spend it is the way we view love and share it.

So, if we are familiar with conditional love, we tend to have money debt. If we are familiar with prosperity with money, we tend to have healthy, solid connections that enrich and enliven.”

I’m trying to figure out how to cultivate solid connections that enrich and enliven. My personality and “Unique Selling Point” has always had that potential; I’m crushable and I’m crushing it, and now I’m figuring out how to play with this intentionally to optimize my results.

When you play with this in that way, and when you harness that USP, you can manifest your wildest dreams (and your dirtiest fantasies)!

What are you better at than anyone else?
This is all about brand positioning. Even if there are a million people doing the same thing as you who are “better”, you’ve got to think you’re the BEST at something, to position yourself on the top. To differentiate from all the rest, you’ve got to get clear on what you offer that no one else could do quite like you. You’ve got to get clear on exactly who you serve. I’m the BEST at something. And I think I’m on my way towards being the BEST intuitive designer for holistic, creative, heart-based small businesses. I’m the BEST at helping said holistic, creative, heart-based entrepreneurs manifest their wildest dreams and deepest desires. This is happening.

Wild Woman - Image credit, David B.

Wild Woman – Image credit, David B.

What do you enjoy doing the most?
Creating, drawing, painting, writing, reading, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, being “outdoorsy”, playing music, being silly, people watching, listening, watching movies, traveling, yoga, underwear dancing, and going on wild adventures.

What do (or could) you provide that no one else is providing?
I provide ebook design, graphic design and web design services but I’m trying to package it up all pretty like. With hearts and ribbons and pixie stardust. The idea I have in mind (and I’m still looking for beta testers, hint, hint) is Shine On Sessions (S.O.S.). A jumpstart coaching+manifesting, design+strategy sessions to help you launch an idea with my intuitive design skills, brand excavation, and magical manifesting prowess as your arsenal. It’s a holistic approach to launching your service/product/business and It’s going to kick ass!! Within this vein, I can also start manifestation coaching because I’m going to manifest it and make it happen (see what I did there?). Manifesting and intentional travel…. I’ve already got something up my sleeve so stay tuned!

What annoys people the most about your industry or blog area?
Follow your dreams! Make money online! Personal development has been done x101. It gets kind of old. How do you create a new spin on it? How do you create something of value that will stand out from all the other crap? How do you insure your products aren’t crap? I’ve got a genius idea! How to make a lifestyle business by telling other people how to make a lifestyle business! That’s so meta. It gets annoying. The whole lifestyle business is going to collapse in itself if you’ve got carbon copies. Just be yourself and march to your own beat. Follow your inner compass. It will tell you what you need to do.

turtle What is remarkable about you?
I don’t have too many formal accolades and my resume is probably unimpressive but I’m not your average girl next door. 😉 I’ve won an art scholarship and then rejected it by transferring schools. I’ve painted a mural in my room. I just finished living in the Philippine slums for 2 years. I walked 800km in Palawan island in only flip-flops (what was I thinking?) and had wild adventures with a Filipino martial artist (the man who walks). We survived by squatting in shelters, abandoned huts, magic, and the sheer kindness of strangers. I lived in a monastery for 6 months, 4 of which was during a meditation retreat. I shaved my head. I’m a Wild Woman. I’m intuitive. I’ve drawn people naked and I’ve been a nude art model (and I would do it again). I manifest things with ease. Sometimes, it surprises me but I’m getting used to the fact that I’m a magical manifestor. I manifest people, places, travel, experiences and I’m getting better at manifesting money. I am the magic. I am a radiant goddess and I shine bright; like starstuff. We all are.

A hot messiah... not

A hot messiah… not

Do you have an unusual combination of elements?
I call myself Interplanet Janet sometimes because a School House Rocks song has the same name that practically fits me. Interplanet Janet she’s a galaxy girl! A solar system miss from a future world. I sometimes feel like I’m “out of this world” because it’s hard for me to relate to people or feel I truly belong. It’s part of why I’ve got a gypsy soul and I was born for leaving. It could be the fragmented results of growing up as a Third Culture Kid. Apparently, being a global citizen also makes me feel “other worldly” and alien. Metaphorically, I’ve come to make this mean that I’m a visionary and I’ve got starstuff that shine bright and I’m here to help you shine your light. Ok, that probably sounds cheesy. But I’m here to help shift and elevate humanity. My woo-woo spirit has come gradually, but sure enough, my hippy parts are showing. I was born to shine a light up in your ass and ride it back and forth forever (Me and You and Everyone We Know reference, go watch it if you’re into Hipster bullshit, and by bullshit I mean bullSHINE. I’m in Portland now, so I’ve got it made. Just keep shitting diamonds. You’ll see.). If this paragraph drivel isn’t unusual enough to get a sense of my “elements”, I don’t know what is.

Do you have a big personality?
You know what they say. Big things come in small packages! I may be shorty and timid and sweet but you ain’t seen this mouse that roared yet. I think “big” can mean different things. I may not be the loudest of the bunch, and I’m introverted, but I’m shaping my New Story like no one’s business. And this new story is a confident, joyful, badass creative who will rock your socks inside out.
30 day challenge
Life is art, now go and create it!

How do you use your personality to stand out online?

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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Mindset Tools for Turning Pro


It’s no secret that I’m a self-help junkie. I love going on meditation retreats, reading self-help books, and doing yoga (and I smile with glee when I can finally hold the crow pose for more than 7 seconds!).

Mindset is the most important thing when becoming a successful entrepreneur. It really is a choice. And for as much as I’ve written about it here, I’m still all talk and no action! I still haven’t made the mindset leap. Thus keeping me in a perpetual “transition”, “in limbo”, because I’m stuck in limiting beliefs, procrastination, “laziness”.

I’m back on square one. I broke up with my boyfriend, and I feel like the way forwards seem backwards.

NOW is the time, more than ever, to change your mindset and work towards your goals to turning pro. Do the work. That’s all it takes. Blogs don’t become businesses on their own. You’ve got to treat it as a business from the get-go, even if it’s not making money. Trust that doing the work will eventually lead you there.

Here are 7 tools to help elevate your mindset along the way.

1. Watch Motivational and Inspirational Videos

Here is a recent video that made an impact on me. There is never “going backwards” in life. Even if you feel that where you are in this moment is a “step backwards”, it is always a constant evolution; a spiral. So whenever I feel super lame for feeling still blocked and not acting like a pro, I remember this. I’ve still evolved. I take it my pace and eventually I will get there.

Watching inspirational videos on sites like YouTube, Ted, and Vimeo are great tools to help you stay positive and gain new perspective.

2. Plug into Nature

Yes, unplug the computer for awhile and plug in to nature.

I’m an Earth sign, and naturally, the symbol that speaks to me most is a tree. Rooted. Grounded. Earthy. And living in Portland, I am blessed to be around many of them.

My favorite childhood tree is in the backyard of my parent’s house, where I’m currently staying. At least once a week, I still climb it and connect to its power source. The memories and experiences I had of innocence… It’s a great spot to meditate, write, reflect, or even start creating. I’d like to use this special magnolia tree every day and connect to nature while working on my business. The environment should be an inspiring retreat.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique and Affirmations

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the most powerful affirmation tools I have ever tried. I used EFT to make my best month ever and since then have abandoned doing it.

When I did EFT daily as a morning ritual, I noticed a vast improvement on my productivity and focus. The affirmations felt good and I felt it in my body, because it uses acupressure points and touch to stimulate your energy meridians, and affirmations to help you rewire your thoughts. The combination packs a strong punch. I showed results (huge improvement on my best month ever) and will continue to use this technique.

4. Hire a Coach

So far, I’ve been investing in coaches. I just hired a sexual liberation coach a month ago that has been working wonders for me and I most recently hired a transformation coach. I’m so glad I did! I haven’t even started yet but the signs were good and I felt I resonated with the offer well. I saw that Jodi of Soul Speak was doing some giveaways and when I saw one giveaway for a free coaching session with Nandi Hetenyi, I made the intention that I would love to receive it and that I believed I would. Somehow, I had a feeling it would happen. I didn’t even know who Nandi was and didn’t research but I felt that it would be good for me.

I won the giveaway and researched her “Mud to Lotus” offering and it really spoke to the struggle I’ve been having for years.

Her background in yoga and Buddhism makes her a perfect match for me as my transformation coach.

Hiring a coach may be a big investment, but potentially one of the best investments you could ever make with yourself. It will be life changing and full of ABUNDANCE. Yes, I had to train myself to think that parting with money is actually abundant but the gift of abundance you give to yourself and the return of investment will be well worth it. I feel like I’m finally ready to make big changes and take bold risks.

5. Meditate

Meditating regularly can help you come up with great solutions to problems. Just 15 minutes a day is all it takes to clear your mind and reenergize for the day ahead. You’ll be calmer, more peaceful and healthier, emotionally, physically and spiritually! Starting the day right and creating a morning ritual is great. I’ve been experimenting with morning ritual and there are some great free meditation apps to help you set a timer.

6. Keep a Journal

carebears Write a gratitude journal. List down any signs or synchronicity when it happens. List three goals you’d like to achieve each day. Write down “morning pages” (three pages of freewrite every morning).

There are a lot of things you can do with a journal. I write mine in my Care Bears notebook, but you can keep one on your computer too.

I also do a process of ‘automatic writing’ on the computer where I write down a question, meditate briefly to center myself, and call upon my spirit guides to answer the question. I write whatever comes up without thinking about it. So far, since starting in December, I have had a few predictions come true. I’m not saying that I’m psychic, but there is definitely something there no matter how skeptical I get about the process, and how much I question getting out of my own way, and wondering if what I write is total drivel and wishful thinking. There was no idea I could have known about some of the things I’ve written down and they have eventually come true! Unfortunately, I used this technique mainly in my love life and should use it more for business strategy. Let spirit be your coach. Let intuition guide you and that’s all you really need.

Read Books

Read books to expand your knowledge and learn new things. I’m currently reading Natalie Sisson’s new book, Suitcase Entrepreneur, about creating freedom in business and adventure in life.

I’m also reading Women Who Run With the Wolves for my women powered inspiration and Love With a Chance of Drowning for my memoir inspiration of another graphic designer turned author that I’d like to be someday!

I’ve been a voracious bookworm since I was a kid. I knew that the more I read, the better I’d be in writing. And the more you read, the more you can learn about how to go pro, start a biz, or learn new skills. The library is my lifeline.

* * *

30 day challenge Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively? This is the question Natalie Sisson asks on Day 7 of the Blog Challenge.

I’d love to hear what tools resonate with you and what you use to maintain your mindset in the comments below!

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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