2014: On Prosperity and Commitment

Goodbye 2013

2013 was a good year for me. A preparatory year. I hired a sexual liberation coach and it changed my life. I unconferenced World Domination Summit, crashing more than 10 unofficial meet-ups and felt I had finally met my tribe. I released old loves to make room for the start of a new one.

My time in the Manila slums wasn’t exactly a misstep. It was a step I had to take to go battle my dragons, but I knew that Manila wasn’t where I wanted to be in the long run. Truthfully, I haven’t found that place I want to be in the long run. Not yet, anyway.

I finally feel like I’m living my future now. My compass is set to the vision that I want to create. I’ve aligned myself to where I want to be. Everything opened up when I realized I didn’t want to live in Manila because Manila wasn’t my future. For as much as I love my motherland, and the natural beauty that the Philippines has to offer, it’s not where I want to live. The Philippines always felt like the place I wanted to go to die. By that, I mean to “retire”. I don’t want to die yet and there’s so much more to live.

Turning 30 really gave me a wake-up call. All of a sudden, I was no longer willing to tolerate the bullshit of my 20s. If it’s not what I desire, why keep doing it? You can always change things. Pivot. Go a new direction. Go towards your desires.

When I first contacted my sexual liberation coach last summer I was ashamed and embarrassed. Why was I seeking help, exactly? I was happy, so why was I so unsatisfied?

I had been getting urges to try new things. Things I couldn’t, in the capacity of a monogamous relationship, explore. I also wanted to start writing a sex blog. One that was spiritual and sensual by nature, but also just talked a lot of erotica and softcore smut.

This sexual liberation lead me into a journey of creating my “New Story” as I began to explore my openness towards polyamorous philosophy. I wanted to explore that philosophy, and then I wanted to experience it.

Letting go of monogamous relationships that didn’t serve me was the first step.

But this isn’t a blog about sex and polyamory. That comes later.

Mainly, I wanted to acknowledge how 2013 was a year of growth and transformation. Things shifted. I finally feel like I’m on the right path. “Sometimes when things fall apart they may actually be falling into place.” That’s the beauty of life. The destruction/creation cycle. The Kali dance. The creative process.

I’m happy to be in my “falling into place” part of the process.

2014: I’m Ready

2014 is the year of prosperity. It is the year my business will flourish. It is the year that I not only commit to myself, but explore what it means to be “free”. Starting in Thailand.

I’m a commitmentphobe, or at least I have been for the last few years. This shows up in the way that I’m afraid to commit to my own business. Or in the idea of a serious relationship (I haven’t had one in over five years) and marriage, which still feels like a noose around my neck. For some reason, I have equated commitment for lack of freedom and this has been detrimental for growth. Not only in lack of freedom within intimate relationships, but lack of freedom from living the life I want. Committing to my business means redefining how I look at freedom and pushing through my own barriers, creating better systems, and staying consistent and productive.

It has been awhile since I “shook things up” in my life and experienced a good dose of the uncomfortable. It’s scary, nervewracking but also extremely exciting and what I live for.

I’m on my own, for the first time. While I can’t say I’ve lived alone in all my 30 years of existence (I’ve always cohabited with partners or lived with roommates or parents), I’ll finally be experiencing a taste of it in Chiang Mai. For at least a month, I’ve reserved a place to stay, and I may extend for longer.

“Freedom” is a buzzword in the location independent, digital nomad circle, but what does it really mean? The freedom to choose how to spend your time and where to work is a big draw. For an introvert like me, working from home or in a cafe is perfect. The freedom to create the life you want. It’s all about living intentionally. Conscious living. Mindfulness.

Planning and goal setting at the start of the year has always been one of my weak points, but this year, I’d like to launch at least two product offerings. I hate to “plan out loud” on my blog for fear that I won’t accomplish it, and I still have to think more about how I’m planning my year. I’ve got a few ideas kicking around my noggin for things to do. I just need to take consistent action. I just need to commit.

Commit to being committed is a focal point. It’s the underlying theme behind prosperity that my 2014 theme could well also be commitment.

Business is my Boyfriend

Something synchronous happened recently that I consider to be a sign. I swear Universe/Source talks to me through social media/tech because I’m always online. I had pinned “Money: A Love Story” by Kate Northrup on Pinterest and because Facebook picks up my Pinterest activity, one of my friend’s commented on how it’s a great book. While I was typing a reply, my Macbook somehow spazzed out when I was clicking around and suddenly, a PDF popped up called “Date Your Dollars: Money Makeover”. It was a PDF from a financial coaching session I had done over a year ago with Karie Hill. I still have no clue how it opened up as a preview and it would not X out of my screen! I had to restart my computer to get rid of it.

The synchronicity was too uncanny to be a coincidence. Since “Money: A Love Story” and “Date Your Dollars” both have an underlying theme of relationships, I got the message loud and clear.

Ok, Universe, I’m supposed to work on my relationship with money. Business is my boyfriend. And dating my dollars is a form of self-love and self-care. I take care of myself by taking care of how I make money, and transforming my relationship with money. Committing, once again, so that I can experience prosperity. The vision of being a bread winner is completely empowering to me.

Beyond that, I saw it as a positive sign that this meant money WILL transform this year and prosperity WILL come. It was a sign that I’m on the right track and that I will manifest the money, my target goals, by the end of the year. It may sound crazy, but it’s not impossible.

In the next few weeks I’ll be further outlining how I plan to date my dollars and create a plan for prosperity. I hope you’ll stick around to read what’s in store.

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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The Most Interesting Person in the World

All hype aside, what I’m going to write is personal. You’ve probably got your own “most interesting person in the world” that you can think of in your life. The most interesting person in the world is subjective. A matter of opinion.

You can look at the great A-Listers in the blog world like Chris Guillebeau! Or Marie Forleo! Or people in media and celebrity status like Oprah! Or Lady Gaga! But are they the most interesting person in the world?

They’ve got fame, and perhaps fortune. But what makes them idolized icons is their powerful personal branding. They’ve branded themselves as “experts” (tip: you don’t HAVE to be the expert, you just have to brand yourself as one. Fake it and you really CAN make it.) and built a persona around their topic of expertise. They’ve done so with laser like focus and consistency.

The Most Interesting Person in the World That You Haven’t Heard Of

Or maybe you have, if you live on an island in the Philippines.

What happens if you don’t brand yourself? People simply won’t hear about you. They won’t be able to see your shine! Or maybe some people know who you are, but you won’t be able to reach as many audiences.

I’ve met interesting people without a “brand” with more interesting, intricate life stories than the likes of the biggest names. One of them is my partner, Joemar Obejas.

Born during a typhoon in a Philippine province, he was conceived at home while the roof shanty of his poor, simple dwellings was ripped apart by strong winds.

The stuff from stories and adventure books is his real life.

Afraid of his mom who would consistently batter him with strict, archaic parenting, he began to pick up Filipino martial arts at the age of 9.

By the time he was 16 he ran away from home and lived in the sewers for two weeks, afraid his mom would find him. Often, he would simply go naked and found different species of cockroaches under the sewers of different colors. Red. Black. White/albino and even some that glowed in the dark. He became a street urchin for one year.

Like many street kids, he began to experiment with drugs and got addicted to “rugby” or cement glue.

He went back home after hearing about his mom falling sick and decided to make his amends, leaving the sea urchin life of addiction and desperation behind.

Journey Within

His introduction to meditation and spirituality came in the form of an invitation to sit in a Vipassana retreat from a martial artist friend. Ten days of absolute silence and near day long meditations with just breaks for eating two meals a day. He had no idea what Vipassana was and came bringing his knives he would often carry daily for protection, a habit he formed after years in the Filipino martial arts community.

His experience was mystical and it lead him towards the spiritual path, forever changing his life. The anger and pain from his rough childhood years slowly began to soften and settle.

He got in touch with the first movement of Inner Dance, an ancient, mystical, healing and cathartic practice and movement meditation by babaylans, Filipino shamans, that was being revived in modern day.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Always following his heart and intuition, he had the crazy idea to walk and explore his own country. He wanted to walk Luzon, Philippines, over 1,000 km but thought he had gone insane. He walked by a nearby church, asking the Universe to give him a sign. Was he really crazy? Should he follow his intuition and walk? What was the purpose?

Moments later, he saw a man with a blue jacket that said “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. He began to walk. Synchronicity lead him past a huge Nike ad with it’s popular slogan, “Just Do It”. So that’s what he did.

It took him 3 months and nearly his life to walk 1,000+ km of Luzon island. He carried only 2,000 pesos (about $50) and experienced many overwhelming, miraculous things and the kindness of strangers.

Taking only his survivalist wits, he would eat off the land, and sleep along side roads, abandoned buildings, local police stations, bus shelters or anywhere he could rest his head.

He picked up a raw cashew before realizing that cashew in its raw form is toxic, and can be poisonous to eat. He spit it out before swallowing but it had already burned his lips.

He witnessed two trucks losing control and falling off the cliff just inches away from hitting him.

He walked Palawan island, a mere 660 km with me and I witnessed and became a part of his mystical and magical experiences that could be out of a Paolo Coelho book or Carlos Castaneda.


Joemar had always been an intuitive child and could see things most Westerners would be skeptic of, but others around the world would consider a fact of life. He started seeing ghosts, spirits, and paranormal visions at a young age. He tells me he saw me and other friends that he now considers his inner circle as visions in his childhood.

He predicted the tropical storm Ondoy that would devastate Manila and even Michael Jackson’s death. His psychic abilities seem to come naturally, but grew stronger when he would meditate upwards of 10 straight hours a day. Or after doing severe ascetic practices of 30 day fasts on coconut water, where he exhibited extra human strength.

Once, he summoned me away from a tree I had been sitting on in a deserted Kalipay island beach in Palawan (the very same beach the author of The Beach was inspired by), urging me to eat some fruits with him on the simple picnic table that had been left as a testament of who had been there. Just seconds after I moved, a giant coconut fell out of the tree where I had been sitting. A close call to death by coconut. He said he had felt it was about to happen.

He sees auras and reads body language and accurately can tell your life story just by the way you move, the way you speak and the way your energy is. He says our cells have memory.

He says a space has memory, and can space clear haunted spaces or ghost hunt on intuition alone.

He can explain using only intuition and observation, learning from life experiences, what complicated science is only beginning to explain.

And so much more.

Walking the Way

Although growing up from a poor slum family, Joemar was able to enrich his life through walking and meeting people from all walks of life. His network of spiritual truth seekers has opened up a world of abundance and he uses his skill as a Filipino martial arts guro, spiritual life coach and space clearer to make a living outside of “the real world”, never having opened a bank account in his life. His stories, sharing and spiritual practice has got him in touch with millionaires and other successful people.

Next month is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated. I have never tried it but I’m feeling compelled to write his story–our story–soon. I have about four books just waiting to be written and I should at least start one. This story deserves telling.

Who is the most interesting person in the world to you?

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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Lessons from
the Trenches:
Craft Your Story

Yes, I actually did this shit during a 660 km walking pilgrimage. Pre-slum creds. Da BOSS.

I’m crafting my rags to riches tale and I’m doing it in the slums. For as much as I could berate myself for all the stupid decisions I’ve made to get to this point, I have to believe this is bloody brilliant. And it is, if you let it. It’s also bloody moronic if that’s what you decide it is. It’s up to you. You choose your own adventure. The drama you make is the drama that you live.

I have to believe that its a brilliant rags to riches tale because that’s the story that I want to create. Am creating right now.

For all those “self-made” millionaires that have their sob story of living in their mom’s basement or living in their car, whether exaggerated or true, can they really beat living in the third world slums?

I sold my car so I could live.

When I build things I shake things up. I don’t do things the “right” way or the “easy” way. I had zero savings and spent the only retirement funds I had. TIP: That tip they tell you to save at least six months of a monthly living wage? It’s a good one.

Craft your story because nobody else can do it for you.

Build your location independent biz abroad

In January 2010, I moved to SE Asia, more or less. I traveled nomadically for over a year, including a 660km walkabout (literally), before I settled in slumsville. I still question my judgment but I’m starting to believe that I had a shroud of brilliance.

Live cheap like a local while I build my biz!

Experience rock bottom so I can humbly figure out how to serve those in need by living it!

Of course, you don’t have to bunk in the slums to benefit from building your location independent biz abroad. If you’re attracted to the digital nomad lifestyle, living cheaply in SE Asia is a great opportunity to build your online business, get out of the rat race, explore the world and live a more awesome life. Lets get real. It’s not like you’re going to be able to afford Europe right off the bat if you’re just starting out.

It’s not all glam, as you can see, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

Live 1/3 cheaper, live on part time income, live like a vagrant, it’s all possible in SE Asia.

You could half ass it and still live better than most locals.

You could couch surf like a bum and enjoy the locals’ stories.

You could end up squatting in abandoned buildings and live like a punk rocker. It’s all good.

If you’re the “safe” type, you’re going to want that six month cushion, but it’s not necessary. You can live on $5,000 a year in SE Asia, but if you want your first world privilege, prepare to live on $15,000 a year or more.

Even so, the point is, you don’t need a lot. You can use the leverage of less to build your business more.

Declare Your Wealth

If you’re starting cheap with hardly any overhead like a $100 Start-Up micro-business that Chris Guillebeau writes about, know your worth and declare your wealth. You may not be making $X amount now but you will be! Declare it. Set your money intentions and set the track for manifesting it to reality.

Your brilliant ideas and framework will naturally gravitate towards that number as your plan starts to take shape. Don’t expect magical manifestations to do everything for you, but work your ass off, build the biz model, do some project calculations if you’re the logical/linear type, and you’ll get what you asked for.

Be specific and then plan accordingly.

Make a List

Make a bucket list, make a goal list, make a to-do list, make a gratitude list, whatever it is just start making lists! I made a list so I could figure out my step-by-step plan to move to SE Asia. I listed each baby step I could think of so I could break down the scary goal into realistic small pieces that seemed less-scary. I was scared as hell and I’m not the planner type, but it worked for me. I moved myself from inaction to action.

The point of lists is to move you to action. They help you live intentionally, mindfully, and consciously. They help put BIG goals into bite-sized, manageable chunks. They help you keep track of your day and make sure you stay productive.

Break it down. What are your six month goals? What are your monthly goals? What are your daily goals? Start thinking intentionally about how you spend your time and what purpose it serves.

What’s Your Story?

Your life is literally being crafted every day. You can choose to actively write it, or let others shape it for you. Are you going to author your life? What do you want to do? How do you want to live?

It was easy for me to pick my own adventures, but when it came time to buckle up and do biz it was harder to translate into the deliberate path I had crafted my career sabbatical to be. Let your goals freely take shape by setting intentions, making lists, and crafting conscious choices every day to get to your destination.

Remember, it’s ALL about the journey.

How are you living your journey? What’s your story to craft?

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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Don’t Stop Believin’!


Your dreams may be in the clouds but they’re worth taking flight.

If there’s anything that I’m good at, it’s having lots of self doubt, low self esteem, lack of confidence. It’s pretty much been my card. My theme as life plays by me, waiting for me to grab it.

(As a side note, I thought it’d be funny to start doing a series of posts with the titles as song lyrics and I wonder how long I can keep this up, or if anyone noticed.)

I’m on the fence.

I’ve been this way since I was born.

No, goddammit, that doesn’t mean I’m a hermaphrodite! It just means I was “born this way”.

“Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!” – Lady Gaga

(Sidenote: Does Lady Gaga kind of look like a hermaphrodite? I mean in that androgynously theatrical drag queen sort of way?)

When I was young, my parents took me to a babysitters a block away from our house before school. She would feed us breakfast and send us on our way. We were a handful of kids from various gradeschool levels, and she’d trust the older ones to watch over us as we walked together.

School was only a straight shot down the end of a dead-end road. This was 1990s suburbia. White bread and white laced (although I don’t think meth had caught on yet). The school nestled past the end of the road which lead directly to the park on a smaller, concrete path amidst the perfectly green lawn.

I remember walking past my group, annoyed by our slow strolling pace, and forging ahead day after day to get to school first. Even when I was a kid, I always wanted to do things on my own. I didn’t want groups that would slow me down, if I knew I could get there faster.

The kids would tattle on me and I got scolded by the babysitter. I probably cried. I was the cry baby type, anyway.

I tried to be a good girl, but I just didn’t see the point. If there was danger by my steadfastness to forge ahead, I never saw it.

Even when I was little, I wanted to go my own way, even when the path was laid out in front of me. Thus is the metaphor of my life.

But back to that fence…

I am terrified of the Joneses. I am terrified of getting so comfortable that I see no way out of a lifestyle I was never meant for.

So, I play things half-assed and half hearted. I see one side and then another and never leap for the one I really want.

This shows up in many ways:

  • Never belonging to a close group of friends for fear of getting close to people and having to leave them behind, because in my mind, my life is in a state of constant flux and I am never rooted (symptoms from a third culture kid, you might say, or if you’re a spiritualist, I’m clearly an indigo).
  • Never feeling at home to a company culture or my current work position for fear that the harder I work, the harder it will be to leave, and the realization that I don’t even want the boss’s job, so why would I want to climb the ladder?
  • Living in the slums of Manila because I don’t know where I want to live and it’s somehow become strangely comfortable.
  • OK, so this was seriously in my drafts for months because I couldn’t think past two examples so I guess it isn’t MANY, but it’s enough. It’s enough to make me feel like an imposter. Like I don’t deserve to blog about “being remarkable in life and biz!” when I’m not even leading by example.


    Like the child boldly forging on despite calls from ‘authority’ not to, and the woman that forged ahead to walk 660 km. on a tropical island that I will someday pen into a memoir, it’s ENOUGH.

    I have come with the fortunate, or unfortunate, personality trait of self-awareness enough to literally shut down when I am not shining my light and doing what I was born to do. If I’m on the wrong (for me) path, my self certainly tells me loud and clear! Sometimes, I don’t listen, or pretend that what I’m doing is fine. But its never ENOUGH.

    Enough is Enough

    Life is too short to waste your time on things you know you don’t enjoy. Life is love. WE are love. In order to experience that LOVE fully, we must enjoy life and love what we do. With a passion. For anti-hedonists who call that selfish, I’ve got news for you. The most selfless thing you can do is LOVE yourself and the work you do. Love is what inspires people. Its where magic happens. By being love and giving love, you flow in abundance of LOVE and help others shine their light just by leading with example! If everyone could only love themselves more, there’d be so much more peace. So much less fighting. Internally. Domestically. Globally.

    I know now that I am meant to lead this quiet example to help others find their light too. Through my web design, graphic design, developing, branding and marketing skills I help you shine on! The details may not be 100% clear but it doesn’t matter. Your dream doesn’t have to be clear to go for it. Your calling doesn’t have to be spelled out either. You just have to move. Start somewhere. Start one thing at a time.

    I’ve come this far.

    I’ve traveled across oceans. Moved across continents. Fell in love with a local. Never looked back.

    I’ve met some stumbling blocks here and there, but they were always stepping stones to my dreams.

    Living in the slums isn’t glamorous.

    Going back to a dayjob wasn’t what I had planned, but it’s what I needed to get to where I am today.

    Focused. Determined. Ferocious. Like a panda.

    Let your dreams take flight. They deserve them. And you do too.

    Janet Brent

    Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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    GIVEAWAY and Interview with Angela Artemis: On Intuition

    I am very happy and pleased to present to you an interview with Angela Artemis, newly coined author of the Amazon bestselling book, The Intuition Principle: How To Attract the Life You Dream Of. She has agreed to an interview with me and a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a copy of the ebook for FREE.

    To enter: Simply comment on this post below with your own stories and sharing on the topic of intuition. Extra points will be counted for:

  • Liking my Purple Panda fan page (+1 point)
  • Liking Powered by Intuition(+1 point)
  • Signing up for my mailing list. (+1 point)

  • A winner will be chosen randomly on June 24th, 2012.

    When Angela asked if I’d be interested in her blog book tour, I was delighted to participate! I strongly support following your heart and passions and that they can help support you in a sustainable lifestyle. I note my “inner compass” or intuition as a major asset to my life and business journey so I am completely aligned with Angela’s message and resonate with her own journey of Intuition. I hope this interview reminds you that following our intuitions brings practical benefits and a more happy, conscious life!

    1. What is the difference between your “gut instinct” and intuition? Is “following your gut” and “following your heart” different than the other? I always seem to mix them and don’t have a clear understanding of what makes them separate. For example, we emotionally eat, but we also feel with our hearts and get heartbroken… all dealing with the emotions and then it’s back to eating! There’s definitely a link. Maybe you can talk about that.

    This is such a great questions Janet! So many people are confused by the two. First, let me clarify by saying that “gut instinct” and intuition are the same. The two phrases, “follow your gut” and “follow your heart,” are related but not exactly the same in scientific terminology.

    Emotional intelligence, which is having a feeling in the gut, arises from the reactions of the millions of neurochemicals that inhabit the digestive tract such as serotonin and dopamine. When we are betrayed our “stomach drops.” When we get a strong knowing that something is correct we also have a “gut feeling.” This is all due to those neurochemicals reacting in the digestive tract processing the events in our lives. The digestive tract is known as the “second brain” due to it having the same neurochemicals processed there as the brain.

    The “heart’s intelligence” can be measured on an EKG machine. The patterns traced onto the paper from the heart change according to what we are experiencing. When we are calm, happy and not under stress our heart rate is even and produces a predictable pattern. When we are upset and stressed the pattern is irregular.

    When someone says “follow your heart” they are suggesting that you pay attention to how you feel. If you feel enthused and happy about doing something this is what they mean about “following your heart.” If you were hooked up to an EKG machine and were “following your heart” your heart rhythm would be even and predictable. We seem to use both phrases interchangeably to refer to doing something that “feels” right – even if scientifically the two are different.

    2. I LOVE your quote at the very beginning of the book from Albert Einstein:

    “The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

    Why do you think our history is full of the servant mentality and what do you feel is in our future? Will this change anytime soon?

    Western culture has long seen value in only what could be verified objectively. Everything we do is based on reason and must be measureable and quantifiable. And because of this we have become completely cut off from our instinctual intelligence or anything that cannot be seen and measured. Historians say this can be traced back to Rene Descartes and his theory that the mind is separate from the body (mind – matter split). What Einstein was referring to in his famous quote alludes to Western culture’s worship of only what can be measured.

    I believe we are entering an age where the pendulum is starting to swing back in the other direction. I hope that we collectively begin to recognize that there is an over-arching intelligence that runs through everything in the Universe even if it cannot be seen and measured. Opening up our intuitive sensing allows us to connect to this intelligence and to re-establish our innate sense of stewardship for planet Earth and to create an empathetic connection for all life.

    3. Speaking of future, what is the difference between an “intuitive” and a “psychic”? Are they one in the same?

    Psychic information comes from outside of you. Intuitive information comes from within. Everyone is intuitive but, not everyone is psychic.

    A psychic can tune into to another person and pick up on information about them. The intuitive person is able to go within in order to receive guidance from their own inner wisdom.

    4. How did you come to know so much about intuition? What makes you the expert? Can you talk to us about your journey towards an intuitive path?

    I have been intuitive since I was a child and while it was easy for me to hear the voice of my intuition when it came to advising others when it came to my own life – I doubted myself.
    Therefore, I made a big mess out of my life. When I started to look for the reasons why I had made such a mess of things it always came back to my not listening to my inner wisdom. Each and every time I reviewed a decision that had not turned out right I also realized I had “known better.” In other words, my intuition or gut had been trying to tell me to do otherwise but, I had been afraid to listen.

    I realized that if I was going to turn my life around I would have to develop the guts to listen to my intuition. I vowed to make every decision going forward in my life by listening to my intuition. This was five years ago. I’m not perfect and I slid back into my old ways a few times since then and every time I did – I regretted it. But, when I followed my intuition I found my like markedly improved.

    Following my intuition has led me to the happiest times in my life and the most exciting successes all of which arose spontaneously and organically. For example, I went back to school and became a writer which led to blogging and writing “The Intuition Principle.”

    5. What’s the link between intuition, self-confidence/self-love and spirituality? Does having one strengthen the others? I feel like they go hand in hand.

    When you are attuned to yourself intuitively you gain self-confidence because you know that you have within you a source of wisdom that you can rely upon any time you need guidance. You have less fear of the unknown and more confidence that you are capable and can handle anything that comes your way.

    To listen to your intuitive guidance is to love yourself as well. You cannot have true self-love unless you are willing to be authentically you. Doing things to please others because you are perpetuating a false identity shows that you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself means being authentically you and to be authentic you must listen to your intuition.

    Often, one of the first signs of our spiritual awakening is an increased awareness of our intuition. As we grow accustomed to receiving this guidance when we ask for it we find that our “faith” in something greater than ourselves expands as well. We begin to become much more attuned to the pulse of life in all creatures and we develop a finer more subtle sense with which we begin to detect the feelings of other living beings and creatures. This leads us to develop greater empathy and compassion for all life forms and seeing every experience of our lives as a spiritual one.

    6. So how do we listen to our intuitions anyway? Sometimes, I find it really difficult to know the difference between intuition vs. desire, or what my “ego-self” wants.

    When your intuition speaks you feel inspired! You feel excited and enthused about taking action. You also get a gut feeling or feel a deep sense of “knowing” and a certainty about it – and even at times that it is “destined.” When it comes from your intuition you feel the matter is “settled.” Notice this is all about your “feelings.”

    When an idea comes from your ego you will think that you “should” do this. Or that you are obligated to do it. You will also be aware of the outcome from the start. When you think of it you rationalize that if you do this – it will lead to this – which will lead to this – which will lead to the outcome you want. Notice that this is a process of rationalization. It is pure intellect and not based on “feeling.” Whenever you feel you “should” do something or that doing something will lead to a certain outcome that is not your intuition.

    7. Lets talk about resistance. I find myself resisting my intuition a lot, even when I simultaneously WANT to stay true to it. But there are so many times when I feel that my intuition is telling me something “I”, my ego, doesn’t want to do. To the point that I feel it’s extremely out of character and out of my personality to do what my intuition says! Why all the conflict and dichotomy? How can we merge our ego and authentic self and find inner peace?

    I resist my intuition sometimes too. It’s not uncommon at all. The ego has a really strong hold over us. The reason you resist your intuition is because you’ve already made up your mind (or your ego has made up your mind) what the answer “should” be. That’s why you resist. If you learn to let go and relax and not get attached to an answer you won’t resist it when it arises and you will be at peace.

    This is what I finally learned the hard way. Here’s an example; I wanted to have my cushy high paying job and all the perks but, I also wanted freedom from the 9 t0 5 rat race. There was no way I could give up my job/income while still maintaining a large home. So, when my intuition kept telling me to sell my house and scale down in order to obtain the freedom and still have the money to do what I wanted I resisted. It was not the answer I wanted to hear. I loved my house and wanted to stay……but, after a while the pain of not doing what I wanted became too great and slowly, slowly I stopped resisting and came to accept that I would have to make a sacrifice. Now, while I miss my home I’m so much happier overall that I know I made the right decision. While your intuition is not a magic pill it is the truth of any matter so when you hear it pay attention.

    This is not to say, that we are not supposed to make any decisions based on reasoning though. Many times we have to do what we think we “should.” This is part of life. When there is an inspired way, better way, faster way or easier way to get us onto the “right path” in our lives our intuition will try to get us to listen so that we move in that direction. If no course correction is needed in our lives and everything is going fine – we won’t hear from our intuition.

    Think of intuition interceding on an “as needed basis,” so as to eliminate framing ego/reasoning power as being in conflict with intuition.

    Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start successfully living the life of their dreams now – not later. She blogs at www.PoweredbyIntuition.com and is an Amazon best-selling author. Her newest book is, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of”. Readers are welcomed to download free bonus material here.

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