I believe the creative arts has the power to evoke emotion, communicate a message, and tell a story that can impact people’s lives. It’s not enough for creatives to concentrate solely on the corporate sector any longer. A modern day renaissance is upon us and as a person interested in social trends, I believe it is our duty as creative professionals to rise up to the changing times.

We live in a society on the edge and activating an evolution that will transform itself from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. I exist to cater to these changes and help build a better picture. I believe conscious living and self awareness will be the vehicle to bring about external change. It must start from within.

I stand for living life on your own terms, marching to your own beat and following your inner compass to guide your passions with courage and determination. I help likeminded people, namely women in the creative and holistic arts, who are passionate about making positive differences and getting their message heard to as many people as possible. I assist them as an intuitive graphic/web designer to:

  1. build a web platform that drives bigger audiences and gets real results
  2. design beautiful ebooks, freebies or other guides to spread their message further and
  3. assist launch programs through digital graphics, banners, badges and other marketing material.


My unique approach to design is not a one size fits all template. Being an intuitive designer means working with a feminine approach to create passionate, pretty pixels that match the passion of my clients. I value unique design to fit your own personality, brand and style and understand what it takes to not only make your material pretty, but functional and marketable. I work closely with my clients and come up with solutions organically, no matter how much information you bring to me, big or small. I make sense of the most unclear vision and bring clarity into your visual presentation.

My mission is to infuse my values of passion, courage, creativity, intuition and compassion to build a work/play lifestyle business that deeply resonates with and inspires my tribe. Through my multi-passionate skills in design, branding and writing, I hope to help many more people shine on and build a life through their online presence. I am also an avid supporter of social responsibility and believe it is our responsibility as professionals to give back to those in greater need. As a board member of Her Star Scholars, a non-profit that helps provide education and nutrition to young girls in developing countries like the Philippines, I will donate 10% to the organization from my monthly income.

If you would like to collaborate on a project, email me at janet [at] byjanet [dot] net and lets work some secret panda sauce.

Stay tuned for my upcoming launch for JFlo Studios, my new home for my design services by signing up to my email list.

About Janet

Photo by David B.

I quit my unsatisfying $15/hr day job in 2009, sold my possessions and packed my bags on a one-way ticket from Portland, Oregon to Asia and I’ve been living here ever since. With absolutely no savings, less than $1,000 to my name and my retirement fund that I decided to cash in on, I took a year long career sabbatical where I volunteered in Indian slums, went on Buddhist monastery retreats where I learned meditation for the first time, shaved my head, temple hopped in Taiwan, and walked 800km in Palawan, Philippines with a local Filipino I now call my spiritual partner and better half.

Along the way, I experienced complete humility when I faced my zero. I ran out of money and made the decision to live in the Manila slums. All the while, I’ve been learning entrepreneurial skills with the knowledge that I will thrive and help others to march to their own beat.

It has not been an easy or glamorous road.

I was not a six figure corporate drone that “woke up” as the script so often goes. I was brought up middle class and now experience Poverty day to day. If not on my own, but all around me.

I am Filipino-American. A third culture kid and immigrant to the United States since the age of three. English was not my first language, but it is the only language I speak fluently. I expat in my own country of origin and live life in Gestalt principles, in the in betweens, desperately trying to fill-in the gaps.

As tough as I am, I never take the easy route. I live on my own terms, and I build my own riches. I am not from a family of Entrepreneurs and this path has challenged my own self-perception and inner demons. I’m vulnerable. I struggle. I am human.

If I can tough it up in the slums to build my dreams, then I assure you, you can take the leap too.

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

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