Purple Panda meets Passive Panda: An Interview

Hey homeslice. Want some panda pie (well, not literally, because that would be kinda gross and stuff)? Then check out my RSS feed. Fill up. πŸ™‚

From one Panda to the next, I’ve been a fan of James Clear and Passive Panda since I first found the site. He offers general career advice to live a more happy panda-filled life and writes such gems like How to Find Your Passion. Within the first week, I contacted him and expressed interest in collaborating, particularly through interview, for my “blog launch”. He was very friendly, quick to respond, and all in! I, on the other hand, was not so on the ball and am finally offering the interview a couple months late(r). And that “official” blog launch? Yeah. Not really happening. Is my blog even that good to declare a blog launch out of it? I mean come on. James has been doing this for a relatively short time with relatively lots of success! In fact, he’s just releasing two excellent e-books. How to Email Important People and How To Win College Scholarships. Read on for some valuable advice, and words from the wise.

1. So what’s up with the panda? Why Passive Panda?

Haha. Well, if I’m being perfectly honest, the name just came to me one night while I was brainstorming ideas for businesses around passive income. Since then, Passive Panda has started to focus on much more than that one topic — but I think the principles have remained the same.

Pandas are relaxed. They’re stress free and they spend their time as they wish. I think that’s a nice metaphor for what we should strive to do as human beings. I’m all for creating value and leaving an impact on the world — and I plan on doing so — but I don’t think that those goals should be achieved at the expense of our own health and sanity. There’s no reason we can earn more money, more time, and more freedom without taking on extra stress. In other words, there’s no reason we all can’t be happy and relaxed Passive Pandas.

2. You have a lot of general work topics that don’t necessarily have to do with internet businesses directly even though there’s a lot of buzz about leveraging technology to create passive income. Do you foresee tackling this more in the future?

Perhaps, but I also think it’s important to realize that most of the principles that really work transcend industries — whether that be the internet or elsewhere. I do my best to provide timeless content that any reader can find useful. It’s not always easy, but it’s worked well so far.

That said, I do forsee Passive Panda becoming a go to resource for people and because of that I may begin to focus on some more how-to topics as well. Time will tell.

3. What advice could you give to new blogs/bloggers like me?

Do something and measure something. Then repeat.

For example, I spent a month guest posting and measured the success that it had on my subscriber base — it was good. Then I spent a month giving webinars and measured the success I had from that — it wasn’t as good.

That’s not to say that webinars are bad — I actually love giving them and I think it will be a better strategy for me down the road — but right now, I know that guest posting is where I should spend my time.

Your circumstances will probably be different, but if you keep taking action and continue to measure your results, then eventually you’ll be able to hone in on what is best for you.

4. You recently released an e-book about how to email important people. Does this apply to pitching an idea or product to people specifically? Or is it just general advice on how to write more effectively?

I would say both. It’s mostly about sharing proven techniques that work for email communication. Sometimes that means selling someone new on your idea. Other times that means reaching out to someone to set up a meeting. And other times it’s something that has nothing to do with business.

Regardless of the task, I’m confident that How To Email Important People is a course that anyone will benefit from. Better communication means better results — no matter what the task.

5. In your site, you feature side hustle stories to help people starting out with a business venture find examples of how other people have done it. What are some of your own personal side hustle stories that you can share?

Good question. I’m often finding myself wrapped up in side projects, but some of the more notable ones have included travel photography, web design, and logo design.

I never received any formal schooling for any of those areas, but I was still able to make money from them by jumping right in. I’d recommend the same approach for most people. If you’re thinking about doing something new, then just try it out. You don’t need to have all the answers to get started.

6. What are some mistakes and failures that you’ve learned from?

Yikes. When don’t I make a mistake that I learn from? When you’re an entrepreneur it often feels like you’re making mistakes every day. I look back on some of the previous work I’ve done and cringe.

That said, I think this is a really important one:

When I was starting out, I would look at the people who had million dollar businesses and massive web sites and I knew that I wanted to be there someday. As a result, I would try to do everything they were doing right from the start.

After a while, I’ve realized that it doesn’t really work that way. Businesses grow and evolve. The best route to success it to take consistent steps forward each day and adjust as necessary. Trying to do it all at once is a recipe for stress and disappointment.

7. How do you march to your own beat? What makes you stand out?

This is an interesting one because I don’t usually make a conscious effort to march to my own beat. I’m not trying to be a part of an exclusive club.

I see a lot of people claiming to be minimalists or maximalists or lean startup entrepreneurs or venture backed entrepreneurs … and that’s all fine, but I don’t really identify with that stuff. I just make the best decisions I can at the time and make adjustments when I need to.

I’m just trying my best to live a life and build a business I can be proud of. If I do that, then I think I’ll stand out just fine.

8. What’s your future plans and goals for Passive Panda?

Eventually, Passive Panda may transition into a software business … but I want to build the information products side of it first.

More immediately, the primary goal is to help as many people as possible. If I can do that, then I think the business will always be moving in the right direction.

9.Β  I believe right brain thinking and creativity is a huge asset for business and also the future of businesses and people that will rule the world. What’s your take on this and how do you use creativity to enhance your business?

I totally agree. I actually gave a speech in Switzerland last year on the importance of creativity in entrepreneurship and business.

My take on creativity is that it’s a skill that can be learned — just like math or reading. And I think that the more we make a concerted effort to be creative, the better off we will be.

In my own business, I find that I become more creative whenever I separate from the normal things I’m doing. For example, just today I was struggling to write an article and so I went to my brother’s baseball game. After a few innings of watching him play, I sat down and typed out the whole thing in 10 minutes.

Sometimes you need a change of scenery, a difference in perspective, or a shift in priorities to solve the problems you’re facing.

10. Would you say you’re a professional blogger or do you have a day job? What are the ways that you currently earn money?

I suppose I fall under the category of a professional blogger — Passive Panda is my full time job.

That said, I’d like to think that I do a lot more than that. I do write blog posts, but I also market and promote the business, build the products, develop relationships with others in the industry, attend conferences and travel the world, and a wide range of other activities.

Outside of Passive Panda, I earn money doing freelance web design and graphic design… but I don’t take clients on very often.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Janet! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

* * *

Thank you, James for taking the time to do this and bring useful information to my readers. I couldn’t agree more that just jumping into it is the best way to start. Just start. In my business endeavors as a graphic/web design/social media strategist, I’ve had to do a lot of learning and growing on the job. You don’t have to be the top expert in your field to offer useful services to your client… You just have to know more than your client does!

James is launching not one, but TWO e-books today. If you’re interested in any of the two topics, or resonate with any of it, don’t miss this. James is a legit guy who knows a hellavalot and delivers valuable insights and advice. And yep, these are affiliate links, and nope, I don’t expect to get rich out of this. If you want to buy it, buy it. If not, then DON’T.

In any event, I DO want to offer more interviews or feature more write-ups on other successful, interesting people and how they march to their OWN beats, regardless if it has to do with product launches, because this means someone else can write content for me. It’s brilliant! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Google Plus

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Million Dollar List

What would you do with a million dollars? Spend it? Of course! But spend it how? I spent a night listening to a sales pitch talk (…in Tagalog) for a pyramid scheme and it was all glitz and glam. Apart from mesmerizing the audience into their promises of more money, the walls were adorned with pictures of Success Stories; people smiling in front of their brand new cars. The generic what-society-wants-us-to-do answer of what to do with a million dollars is to spend it on Stuff. That brand new car. Your dream home. A flat screen TV.

The rich have afforded a rich lifestyle to accommodate their wants, beyond their needs. But there’s a different way. Instead of focusing on stuff, focus on experiences. How can you leverage your money to make positive differences, do meaningful things, change the world?

As part of the Flip My Life saga, I’ve been thinking about my million dollar list; a list of goals, experiences, things I’d like to do if I had a million dollars.

  • 1. Build sustainable eco-homes – I haven’t yet decided if I’d like to make eco-condos or community housing.
  • 2. Pay off all my student loans – The most debt I have is in student loans. I have stopped using my credit card (the ceremonial cutting) and paid off about $2,000 in credit debt a year ago!
  • 3. Educate through art and creative thinking – I can’t shake this out of my head, and I’m not sure if it’s a “greater calling” that I do not feel great enough to achieve. Collaborating with other likeminded artists and creative folk may be the answer.
  • 4. Bridge gaps – A modest lifestyle on a fat income is remarkable. I’d like to bridge socio-economic gaps, cultural gaps, and whatever other gaps you can think of. I’d like to show that we’re all in this together, in a very collective, not separate sort of way.
  • 5. Build businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility – This is the future. The trend lends itself towards more giving and engagement for good to earn a customer’s trust. We are in a regenerative shift in consciousness and companies have to follow suit to stay competitive.
  • 6. Invest in myself and my passions – Business courses, e-books, taking college courses to refresh or gain new skills, get another degree for shits and giggles.
  • 7. Start charities or fundraisers – Whether I start my own non-profit, or just create charities and fundraisers, I’d like to help out in areas of poverty, women’s empowerment, etc.
  • 8. Start a business that revolutionizes how we live and travel – Being on the fringe and reading a lot of fringe blogs makes me think the long-term travel lifestyle is common. But it’s not. It’s still a subculture but I believe the trend will lend itself to becoming more and more mainstream. I’ve got a business idea that jumps on solutions for long-term travelers and it’s awesome, but with tons of capital… that I don’t have.

Some of these goals could be done without a million dollars, but the point is to start brainstorming on what can be done and what’s possible. Dare to dream. Think big and dream big and action will follow through; one step at a time.

So, what would you do with a million dollars? What’s on your list?

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Google Plus

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Dare to be Bold: Flip My Life

Hi you. You are amazing. And it would be so much more amazing if you could subscribe to my rss, too. wink. Of course, It would be even more infinitely emazing (wow, that’s a typo that works. E-mazing.. Get it??) if I had an e-mail list, but I don’t….yet.

* * *

β€œNext to Resistance, rational thought is the artist or entrepreneurs worst enemy. Bad things happen when we employ rational thought, because rational thought comes from the ego. Instead, we want to work from the Self, that is, from instinct and intuition, from the unconscious.

A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. Its only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.” – Steven Pressfield, Do the Work

Matt Cheuvront Dares us to be Bold in my favorite Trust 30 prompt yet. It is a topic–nay (said the horse…panda), an article–that I have been thinking of writing but have hesitated out of fear. So much fear that I looked at this prompt, immediately related it to this post-I-should-write-that-is-yet-unwritten, and then delayed the writing by a day… (and counting?).

Enough of this foreplay, what the hell am I getting at??

I guess by now you should already know my living situation. (Upgrade! I bought “futon” mattresses so I don’t sleep on a hard floor anymore! I say “futon” because it sure doesn’t look like the kind of hefty futons I’m used to but it’s firm and it’s comfortable and it was buy one get one free which I’m totally keen on it being a marketing ploy I totally bought in to but I had to buy something, dammit.)

It’s not like I want to be that bitchy, spoiled American (lately, I’ve been really hating American just like I used to ABHOR being Asian… it’s a process, and that’s another story…) but… I’d rather be living in a furnished condo high rise or something. And I don’t want to be bitchy about it. I mean, I want to enjoy the process (crying, curled up emo phases and all). I want to be as grateful as I can every step of the way. Because everyone loves their rags to riches tales, after all. So, I’m just going to say it here in big bold PURPLE even though my rational thought kicks the shit out of it. Laughs at it. Scoffs at it. Says it’s impossible and I’m not worthy and blahblahblah…

I Want to be a Millionaire

*cue annoying Millionaire song… don’t tell me you didn’t just play that in your head just now or is it just me? And if it’s just me, I bet I convinced you with my mastermind control. The power of suggestion is a bitch, ain’t it?*

See, isn’t that laughable? Translation: I’m afraid that you’ll laugh at me. Isn’t that so… irrational? So… unrealistic??

First of all, I’m not even sure I want to be a millionaire, persay. That’s just a number… The number of all numbers that people seem to covet. But I know I want to flip my life and have that condo high-rise AND have a fully running location independent online business (dammit)! So I thought I’d attach a nice number to make it even more BOLD and goal-oriented. I mean, honestly, I still have my issues with “money is evil” blahblahblah which is probably, ironically, why I don’t have much of it these days… So being a millionaire?? Is kind of a joke. It’s kind of a gimmick, even. But should it be? Is this just striving too much for exterior foolish “happiness” or is this a legit goal!? I don’t know. Part of the reason I delayed the post-I-should-write-that-is-yet-unwritten (AKA: this) is because I was debating to myself whether I should even attach a price to my goal or not (debate! Should I attach a price to my goal or not!? Give your two centavos in the comments, por favor.)

Second of all, I don’t want to be the typical rich bitch. I want to do good. Philanthropy is my greatest desire. Giving back is the overarching goal. I don’t want to be the romantic, idealist dreamer often characterized as starving and hippy. Because having wealth and sustainability means having greater impacts.

Flip My Life

So, here’s the deal. Money is not evil. I know that rationally but my emotional brain still has trouble accepting that. It’s kind of like when you say “abusive people are bad”. Well, duh. But you stay in that abusive relationship anyway. I need to quit mentally sabotaging myself with my petty emotions and just get over it. But it’s a process… A process that I’d like to flip. Part of it (ok, a lot of it) is my own emotional battles, therapy, whatnots… And part of it is the physical manifestation of literally flipping my life… from rags to riches.

It’s time to get rich, bitch.

To start it off, I’d like to announce 25% graphic and web design services until the end of June. Email me for my rates, or your project needs. Since the path to riches involves doing things for less, or free. And because announcing this on twitter just isn’t enough. And because marketing myself involves actually marketing myself which I’ve been scant at. And because I’m a start-up. So make me your design bitch and web-panda. I’ve got talent, and I want to do good.

In the next few days (or whenever I get to writing), I will outline my goals that I’d like to accomplish if I had a million. It’s a million dollar bucket list of sorts, and it will focus on doing good. Then, I’ll outline some ways I’m building my empire to make it happen. The Flip My Life series (more like saga?) has officially begun!

Chris Guillebeau (do I even need to link him here?) wants to visit every country until he turns 35. Karol Gadja wants to ride rollercoasters all across America. And little me? I want to be a philanthropist millionaire. Call it my “project”. Call it a process. Call it Flip My Life.

If Manny Pacquiao can go from 200 PHP a day ($5) to 35million then why can’t I be a millionaire? With hard work, tenacity and perseverance, you can achieve a lot of things.

If you’re in solidarity with my project, then share this bitch! Let people know that I’m offering 25% off until June and that I’m now “working online” blahblah! A panda will thank you, and I gots to make a living, yo!

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Google Plus

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Portland Bloggers You Should Read

Want to “live purple” and march to your own beat? Subscribe to my RSS! I don’t claim to be an authority on your life, OR mine, but maybe you might enjoy the ride. I know I do. πŸ˜‰

I love Portland. I grew up there and consider it ‘home’ (in this case, home as in hometown). With a slogan like “Keep Portland Weird”, how couldn’t I like it? It’s vegan/vegetarian friendly (not that I’m vegetarian, but I kept it up for 6 months straight, and am currently a wannabe), and as it turns out, has gotten to be quite the bloggers hub. Quite enough, in fact, that it’s home to the 1st ever World Domination Summit, where about 500 awesome bloggers will converge. 500 of which are not me. Jealous much? Probably. And that’s why I will highlight other jealous-worthy bloggers who live in my hometurf, Portland, OR.

The Locals

Tyler Tervooren – Advanced Riskology
Tyler has had a big impact on me after winning his blog launch contest almost one year ago. I received two free e-books from Chris Guillebeau; Frequent Flyer Master and the Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself. Since then, I’ve been a dedicated fan to his blog and his mission: live a life full of more risks. Coming from a girl who doesn’t have a stable income, bordering on unemployed more than self-employed, and trying to tip that scale, I’d say I’m on board.

Chris Guillebeau – Art of Non-Conformity
Chris Guillebeau probably started a whole movement of “non-conformist” bloggers. His huge readership and online empire shows that he’s the real deal. He’s a big inspiration to a little blogger like me, and he once @ replied me on twitter to check up on how I was doing like he knew I existed. I think he said “beautiful writing. Hope you’re doing well.” or something to that extent. That little detail meant the world to me as I had an OMG elebrity moment. I know it’s dumb but OMG! Chris Guillebeau!

Sean Ogle – Location 180
I first got the opportunity to meet Sean while he was in the Philippines (but he’s here quite often) last year. I was so smitten at the chance to meet my first big-time blogger that I didn’t make the effort! The shy, introverted me won once again. Sean’s blog is interesting because he started Location 180 when he was still working at an office, whining about wanting to be location 180. Then, it happened through the amazing Tropical MBA internship program, of which I have applied for during several rounds so this is totally competitive, coveted stuff! Thanks to Tropical MBA, he’s now a location independent rockstar with lots of projects on his shoulders to keep him busy, and satisfied with work that he loves!

Tall Brewnette – Harp & Dime
I know her real name but she goes by Tall Brewnette. You won’t recognize her in the niche I’ve highlighted so far, but that’s ok, because she rocks, except she doesn’t want you to think so… She’s so clever! We “met” when I was active on 20sb. I had a total crush when I realized she was a NW Girl. She writes more ‘unconventional’ than most people who claim they are unconventional because she writes the antithesis of a self-development blog… It’s a self-hate blog! All that bad self esteem venting is packaged in a convincing way; to make us feel better about ourselves through her. It doesn’t get any better (or worse). And she’s a captivating writer.

Bridget Pilloud at Intuitive Bridge
I don’t know whether to call Bridget a coach or consultant, because honestly, I’m one of those people that don’t know the differences but lets just call her a life-shifter, as she likes to say, and call it good. Because life-shifting is an amazing process and Bridget writes an amazing self-development, inspirational, creativity sort of blog. And she does this well! I first heard of Bridget through the buzz on Twitter and am so glad to have found a new blog to read that’s chock full of great advice.

Kim of So Many Places
Speaking of new blogs I just found, here’s another new-to-me blog about a couple stuck in the 9 to 5 who are making the plan to sell their stuff and travel, RTW (that’s Round the World!) style. This whole thing has been done so many times over, but it’s interesting when you see a couple do it, and see how they live their alternative relationship. Watch out for this one! The planning stage can be fun, but when they start to travel in 2012 (when the world ends?), the real adventure begins!

Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens
I’ve heard of Rowdy Kittens for a long time but it was only this month that I realized she’s from Portland. To my pleasant surprise! I wasn’t a fan before, and recently started to read her, but I like her writing on minimalism and I have her e-book, Smalltopia. Plus, her and her husband are choosing alternative living by living in a small mobile house. And I mean tiny! That alone gives her cool points.

The Transplants

Doniree is originally from Minneapolis, but she recently moved to Portland last year and is loving it! I haven’t met her (yet!) but I met one of her good time Minneapolis friends, Sean, who also lived in PDX not too long ago before he left to travel the world (kind of like me). I may be doing some future guest posting on Doniree.com and her other blog, the Nomadic Foodie. Doniree is a joyful yogi who seems like absolute fun in person. We pen-paled once but I hope to meet her IRL. Plus, I just really love her name.

Jonathan Mead – Illuminated Mind
I got into Jonathan’s blog way back when I was still writing in blogspot and he was still working at an office! Now he’s a kick ass alternative life coach, has some awesome products, and recently moved with his wife from LA, California to Portland, Oregon. I heard about their move on twitter and was excited to hear so. They wanted to be around other changemaker bloggers, and thought it was a good hub, despite all the rain! His blog is a great read and isn’t into heavy sales pitches and annoying marketing.. he still has GREAT content first, which I admire.

Ev’Yan – Sex Love & Liberation
This gorgeous lady (inside and out!) is Jonathan’s wife and I definitely admire them as a young couple who know how to keep it together! Ev’Yan has really come into her own recently. I read her back when she used to write in Apricot Tea and you could tell she was going through some classic 20somethings growing pains… but she quickly outgrew that blog and decided she wanted to write more about sexuality and expression. I’m proud of her for her fierce, feministic topic, and her honest and intelligent writing. Currently, she’s cooking up something amazing in a new e-book manifesto. Watch out for this gem!

Emilie Wapnick – Puttylike
I’m so excited to be featuring Emilie because she’s practically become my favorite blog/blogger. Her website is ALL about people like me whom she calls “Multipotentialites”. These are people who have numerous talents and hobbies and are often unsure where to go with their career direction because of it. They’ve been dubbed by normal society as “Jack of all trades – master of none”, but Emilie is here to challenge the myth and show that multipotentialism is actually a great asset, and not a hindrance to your career path! She’s attending World Domination Summit like most of these rockstars I’ve mentioned already, BUT unlike most who are just there to visit, Emilie has decided to turn the event into the ultimate relocation party and staying in the land of weirdos. Congrats Emilie for the new move!!

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Google Plus

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Live Purple (Not blue. Or red)

Hey good lookin’. You know I hate those generic blog messages just like the rest of them. That’s why this bad boy isn’t generic. I’ll manually type 90wpm of sure silliness to try to persuade you to subscribe to the RSS feed. You can ignore me. Or you can read something marginally funny and new. Everytime!

We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other. Our age yields no great and perfect persons. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You just discovered you have fifteen minutes to live.

1. Set a timer for fifteen minutes.
2. Write the story that has to be written. #trust30

Skinny cows eating garbage in India slums. Got milk?

I can’t forget the last day I was in the US before I left for my grand adventure and uprooted my life to Asia. I was spending time with a good friend from highschool at a local screening for a documentary addressing poverty, global warming, trafficking and everything else in between. The main umbrella topic seemed to be the P word though, and I don’t mean Purple. Or Passion. Or Peace. Or Pacifism or whatever cool little hippy thing I can come up with. I mean Poverty. It’s not a pretty word. And it’s not a pretty problem.

Most of the people at the venue were white, upper-middle class, and old. A bunch of disgruntled democrats and leftists who were supporting left talk radio, which the event was sponsored. Their ‘solutions’ always came back to this: write a letter to your local congressman. Is that it? Is that all we can do? White, upper-middle class, old America? Are your Paychecks and Pensions reduced to this? This is Poverty we’re talking about here, and Please. Take your paychecks and shove it.

“Where are all the young people here!?” They yelled, getting riled up by the night’s topics at the Q&A session.

Someone on the documentary trail said she hadn’t seen a crowd this big since New York. This was Portland, Oregon. She mentioned she was having a hard time getting venues to show this important film because poverty wasn’t “sexy” enough.

Since when has Poverty been reduced to a marketing term that just doesn’t cut it in Business as Usual?

White, upper-middle class America: YOU CAN DO BETTER.

Disgruntled Democrats. Raging Republicans. YOU CAN DO BETTER.

Poverty is not a politics issue. It’s a moral issue.

Yes, it’s a Passion issue.

And you bet your ass, it’s going to be PURPLE.

Don’t be divided by Red or Blue.

As a designer with Passion, I had to ask: “How can we make Poverty “sexy”?” Make marketing and the advertising game that we all live LISTEN?

If I had 15 minutes to live, this is what I have to say as food for thought.

How can we make Poverty “sexy”?
How can we take it to more venues. Let people SEE what’s happening on a global scale. Help our neighbors, like the good book said?

Write to our congressman?

Get out on the trenches, guerilla style?

Activate your activism?

HOW? The question still haunts me. I’m still finding my answer.

This is the lifework I have set out upon. As I stepped on that plane, first to India, helping slum school kids teaching english and now… Trying to design for good. And beyond.

If I die, I want you to know how I wanted to blaze my trail.

Live Purple.
Not red. Not blue. Not black or white.

Live your passions. Help eachother. Be the change. Your authentic self is waiting to be activated.

Start now.

Janet Brent

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. You can email her at janet@byjanet.net to introduce yourself or work with her. If you enjoyed this, sign up for more updates. Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Google Plus

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